Don’t shoot the messenger

It all seems to be about hormones these days. Why is everyone talking about them? And why is balancing hormones so necessary? Well, without getting into too many details, here’s the deal: Hormones are the messengers in our bodies that communicate to our cells and tell them what to do. They push ‘buttons’ on or off. Hormones are produced everywhere in the body. (e.g. adrenals, thyroid, ovaries, testes, endocrine glands, pancreas even in the skin). They are supposed to keep our natural rhythms running smoothly. To have an overview of the complexity of this system is nearly impossible. Don’t even attempt to go there. However, one can imagine that if just one hormone is slightly off and sends the wrong message, it could cause a chain reaction derailing the entire system. Symptoms like: weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, skin, hair issues, low libido and anxiety are all caused by hormonal imbalances. Who doesn’t suffer from one or more of the above these days? However though, nature did intend on everyone being equipped with a flawlessly functioning system. The most obvious way to ‘fix’ our hormones would be then to go down one level: how to support the operating system driving the hormonal system? What do hormones need to give the right messages to our body? How can we allow them to perform their tasks as nature intended? They need for us not to interfere with their job, they know what to do. We just need to get out of their way. You probably have a pretty good idea where I’m taking this right? If we give our operating system the correct nutrients to support all our sub-systems (hormonal system being one of them) then nature will take care of the rest. Any tree that stands in his natural habitat on a rich soil will thrive.

Bottom line: figure out what nutrients your system needs and misses and then just stay out of the way for nature to re-balance itself. 


Gabi Hacmon