Is sitting the new smoking?

Most of us find ourselves sitting many hours of the day, we have so many sitting activities: eating, driving, talking on the phone, working behind your computer, watching T.V., the list goes on. The amount of sitting just seems to be increasing over time? The lazier we get, the more we sit and vice versa. Adults supposing sit 56 to 86% of the time! That’s a lot. But as a matter of fact, the more we sit, the more prone we are to developing diabetes and heart disease. So, what actually happens while sitting? You get into a pre-diabetic state. When you sit your largest muscles (legs) remain dormant. Without action these muscles are unable to efficiently use the sugars and fats that float around in our blood leading directly towards metabolic diseases like diabetes. Simultaneously reduced blood flow in your arteries could lead to hostile conditions that could cause injury to the blood vessel walls eventually. Besides observational studies, show us that adults with prolonged sitting patterns have higher BMI’s and waistlines. Who wants that? I could sum up several more scenario’s one can become prone to while sitting too long and too much. And another shocking fact is that working out 3 to 4 times a week has much less beneficial impact on overall health than breaking sitting patterns does. Not only should we pay attention to ‘not sitting’ all the time. We should be getting up every 30 minutes and moving around for several minutes to get the juices flowing, alternatively just stand in a ‘squat’ position for 1 min, or jump up and down. No joke!

Bottom line: Do yourself a favour and do whatever it takes to break your sitting patterns rather sooner than later. In the end of the day you might end up sending 2 emails less due to all your time loss from not sitting……OMG!

Gabi Hacmon