Are we talking about science or religion?

It is really so strange to me that so often homeopathy is rejected due to a lack of scientific evidence. It also did not take me long to understand that homeopathy in comparison to conventional medicine, has on therapeutic grounds the same difference that quantum physics has to Newtonian (classical) physics. It’s quite obvious that homeopathy therapeutically effects the electromagnetic field in a curative way. The difficulty is the predictability and measurability. We are so prone to the need to perceive and comprehend through our senses and then verify by repetition. Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics relating to the very small, unmeasurable and unpredictable matter. None of the above apply. Does that mean we should then just disregard this branch of physics? I believe not, but why does the medical establishment disregard the efficacy of homeopathy based on these same arguments? Dr. Ian Chalmers, director van het UK Cochrane Centre: “Critics of complementary medicine often seem to operate a double standard, being far more assiduous in their attempts to outlaw unevaluated complementary medical practices than unevaluated orthodox practices. These double standards might be acceptable if orthodox medicine was solely based on practices which had been shown to do more good than harm, and if the mechanisms through which their beneficial elements had their effects were understood, but neither of these conditions applies.”

Bottom line: Homeopathy is a very powerful tool that energetically sits above conventional medicine that can not only be used complimentary to any type of treatment but also can prevent conventional treatments in the first place.

Sylvia Faasse