The best diet ever…

I’ve always been fascinated by the following concept that so many people struggle with finding the right diet, whether it’s for health, weight-loss or any other reason. Since none of us have been created equal, picking the right diet could never be simply one type of diet. Why does it seem so hard to accept the fact that there is no such thing as one size fits all? 

As you might have noticed there have been thousands of books written on the topic: “The right diet for us humans”. So essentially this comes down to any given person that picks up a specific book or method will be advised to do the same thing; follow the same guidelines. This is quite an idealistic concept if you stop to think about it. In my view and experience there just can’t simply be one way of eating, or one specific nutritional guidance that could work well for every person. In fact, your body’s nutritional requirements are about as unique as your fingerprints. Each one of us have our own unique metabolic tendencies converting our food and generating energy. 

For example, high protein and high fat/low carb diets can build and sustain health and even reverse disease processes in some people, while plant-based, high carb, lower protein and lower fat diets can equally build and sustain health, and even reverse disease processes in other people. Two people with the same ‘disease’ could need opposite diets to fight the same disease. We are all unique in our make-up and therefor all need tailored care when dealing with our health, nutrition needless to say plays a vital role in this equation.

Let’s take an example in our modern day; ‘Paleolithic-diets or even the Ketogenetic diet’ seem to be very popular nowadays, whether losing weight is your goal or you’re just a health-conscious person. The strict paleo diet is typically meat, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds, seasonal fruit...and that’s about it. There are thousands of blogs promoting this way of eating if you go online. The same goes for the upcoming trend to eat a strict vegan diet. People can get very passionate about a certain diet and adapt to this way of eating.

My thoughts on this topic are as follows: first figure out what your body needs and then pick the diet accordingly.  Because the wrong diet may actually cause you to gain weight instead of losing weight or feel bloated, overfilled, tired, spacey, and run down, exhausted. After all: ‘one person’s food is another person’s poison’, so they say.

Bottom line: make sure you’re putting the right fuel inside your tank.

Sylvia Faasse