The missing link

“I do everything by the book. My nutrition is clean, I know what I should be eating.  I do sports 4 to 5 times a week. I spend quality time with my family. I’m doing everything right. But why is it that I’m not able to lose weight? And why am I having such a hard time falling asleep? And why am I often so agitated?” Does this sound familiar? I hear this regularly. There actually is a magic ‘pill’ to deal with this situation. It’s not actually a pill, it’s ‘Transcendental Meditation ™’. TM should be part of the mix of treatment approaches you have for yourself. It’s what will tie all the loose ends together, it’s what will make you feel like you have just come back from a month detox-retreat in an upscale spa. Practicing TM can be the difference between a life of coping and a life of living.

Bottom line: Meditation might sound too ‘spiritual’ for you, but in fact it’s the fastest and easiest way to ground yourself and live the life you want to live without going through hoops. My advice would be: find yourself a TM teacher in your area and go for it.

Sylvia Faasse